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When I was a baby my family experienced a house fire in the home my parents were renting. Moving would be complicated. The strain of my dad’s drinking was shifting the financial burden to my mother. And they did not have …Read More

Do you remember the first time your mom dropped you off at school? You cling to her leg with tears streaming down your face. And whimper… Please don’t leave me? This place looks scary? Why can’t I stay with you? …Read More

When we are in the thick of it, slinging the mud of adversity we pray for help. And we pray and we pray. I did. I prayed until I wondered if I was praying properly. Should I ask God to …Read More

I will admit it. I give my boys a hard time for being Eagles fans. In their defense, they truly do believe they are from Philly like their father. Of course, I too was rooting for the Eagles.  If my …Read More

Yesterday I experienced an emotional hiccup. I shed a few tears. I know! surprised me too. After all, I am me again. I have regained my original strength and confidence. I am finally restored. But here’s the thing. I saw …Read More

I just read a post on a Facebook page I love and follow – Godwinks. If you haven’t checked out the series of ten Godwinks books penned by New York Times Bestselling author SQuire Rushnell you should. You will find …Read More

Do you lie? Sure you do. Pretty much everyone will admit they are guilty of a little white lie now and then.  The type that spares someone’s feelings or the one you tell when feeling overwhelmed and really not up …Read More

Let’s be honest, pretty much any individual who has experienced the horrors of a broken relationship has at some point felt like a victim. And divorce is about as broken as a relationship can get. Therefore, even those who admirably …Read More

There is a contradiction to Hurricane Harvey’s torment. The images which blend the horrific and the inspiring. The portraits of both professional and ordinary heroes: Linking arms to rescue motorists Hugging tear soaked victims Risking life  for even four legged …Read More