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The simple truth? Not everyone grows up. It’s one of the reasons I coined the phrase… “I’m tired of watching children walk around masquerading as adults.” So how exactly does this happen? There are plenty of reasons an individual’s ego […]

When you are willing to share the messy side of life – your own worries, fears, mistakes, and heartache… Other people feel safe confiding in you. Just yesterday, I was chatting with someone experiencing divorce and the topic of stress […]

Do you take out your mood on other people? Chances are if you do few people will actually tell you. People tend to not want to take on difficult personalities. Instead, depending on their emotional healthiness they will either walk […]

A few months ago I returned. The person once known as Colleen Sheehy peeked through after what seemed like an eternal hiatus. I think I now understand the artist formerly known as Prince or Puff Daddy turned P.Diddy and so […]

Do you make New Years Resolutions for your relationship? You should. Consider it akin to the annual physical. If we don’t keep up with our emotional health one year runs into the next and before you know it valuable time has […]

Do you lie? Sure you do. Pretty much everyone will admit they are guilty of a little white lie now and then.  The type that spares someone’s feelings or the one you tell when feeling overwhelmed and really not up […]

Let’s be honest, pretty much any individual who has experienced the horrors of a broken relationship has at some point felt like a victim. And divorce is about as broken as a relationship can get. Therefore, even those who admirably […]

In church last week the priest spoke of suffering. He cautioned us – Do not become armchair Catholics – suffering is intuitive to this thing we call living. There is no question my faith has gotten me through this difficult divorce and […]

Pain is a single word that stands for several – ‘a new beginning.’ One of the most difficult aspects of experiencing pain is not strictly how it impacts us, but also how it unfolds on those around us. I have long […]

Pain is one of the staples in the life’s emotional kitchen. We all deal with it differently. We know this. But do we recognize how we deal with it ourselves? It should be dealt with. It should not be passed along […]