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Sure, I knew I was a people pleaser. But somehow hearing a marriage counselor who is a psychologist tell you this – well, it sounds worse. My counselor’s exact words, “Colleen, you’re a pleaser and a fixer.” People interpret being …Read More

People stop hurting you when you finally accept and acknowledge who they are. My father didn’t have the power to hurt me once I understood and accepted he suffered from alcoholism. This never impacted my love for him. He was …Read More

“Love yourself first and everything else falls into line. You really have to love yourself to get anything done in this world.” – Lucille Ball If only it were that easy. Even individuals with healthy self-esteem wrestle with some degree of …Read More

Our suffering will be unlike many and like others. Human beings come in all shapes and sizes much like our respective pain. It will vary for each of us. However, we will all suffer.  There will be times when the …Read More

In relationships, we often ‘neglect to reflect’ on how a person makes us feel. Instead, we try and get their attention by explaining what hurts or bothers us.  Or we simply sit quietly and compensate or overcompensate to deal with …Read More

We don’t really believe it’s okay to take time for ourselves. We want to believe it. We want to invest in ourselves. We want to let our individual heart soar. But down deep there seems to be something selfish about …Read More

I recently received an email from someone who had read my column 5 Indicators That Someone You Love Doesn’t Care About You. It got me thinking. Why is it we place so much importance on relationship words rather than relationship actions? …Read More

Downsizing and getting rid of the majority of our belongings is no longer a trend for strictly retirees. In this era of tiny houses and millennials less is now more. And Baby Boomers are opting to strip themselves of possessions …Read More

Many years ago I read an article about the four traits of happy people.  I never forgot them. They were Optimism, Extroversion, Self-Esteem and a Sense of Being in Control. Before my marital problems, I can honestly say I spent …Read More

The simple truth? Not everyone grows up. It’s one of the reasons I coined the phrase… “I’m tired of watching children walk around masquerading as adults.” So how exactly does this happen? There are plenty of reasons an individual’s ego …Read More