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As the saying goes…breaking up is hard to do. It’s difficult to describe the excruciating pain of separating one heart from another. But is it possible we can actually make it harder on ourselves? At the very least, it is […]

Many of us remain in broken relationships far longer than we should. Change is difficult. And a large number of us lack the self-protective boundaries which would get us out sooner.  Instead, we concentrate on the actual ‘no longer working’ […]

Love is the magic elixir. In fact, love is so intoxicating it can temporarily make us lose our perspective.  Yet, there is one thing we should never, ever lose sight of. We deserve to not just be loved.  We deserve […]

I recently received an email from someone who had read my column 5 Indicators That Someone You Love Doesn’t Care About You. It got me thinking. Why is it we place so much importance on relationship words rather than relationship actions? […]

Surprisingly, we often put up with behaviors we should walk away from. Why? Emotional attachments are hard to break. Therefore, what we should be doing is walking away when we initially recognize unfavorable characteristics in another person. This doesn’t just […]

It’s undeniable many of our relationship decisions are rooted in our childhood. And yes, it’s good to learn about why we make the choices we make, what influences shaped us, etc. But sometimes we just need to cut ourselves a […]

The truth?  We all have baggage. It’s inevitable. That’s part of the beauty of relationships. We find refuge in another imperfect person and our joint baggage just works well together. The emotional yin to our yang. But some baggage should […]

Relationships are incredibly complex.  There are so very many things which can make or break them.  And this pertains to all shapes and sizes of relationships – romantic, friendship, work, etc. However, there are things which can improve their chances. […]

I wrote my last column about the day I stopped liking myself. In a nutshell – my relationship broke. And I got lost in someone else. Or as the classic quote goes – “Be careful when trying to fix a […]

There are some really great guys in this world. The problem is we don’t always attract ourselves to them.  And no, this does not mean they are perfect – none of us are. This simply means they are truly good […]