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Bush 41 was the quintessential example of an individual who lived his life by the ‘Big 3.’ God, Family, and Country. Followed only by the ‘Big 3’s’ necessary counterparts – service and selflessness. Perhaps this is why President George H.W. […]

I am at the mall grabbing lunch at Norstrom Cafe.  One of my fav places to nosh. A young girl in front of me appears to be searching for payment and urges me to go before her. I pay for […]

I belong to a Facebook group called Parentless Parents started by my friend and author Allison Gilbert. I first connected with Allison many years ago when she interviewed me for one of her books.  There is a common theme amongst […]

John McCain chose a political party but first and foremost he chose to be an American. In this nation’s Capital where people with differing opinions must break bread and come together for critical solutions, McCain was a champion. He demonstrated […]

When I was in my twenties I would tell my uncle I wanted him to live with me one day. He would smile and laugh. “No,” I would say. “I am serious. Promise me you will live with me.” I […]

I woke up yesterday with one thought. I’m finally single. Happy Birthday to me! Sure, technically it happened in June but with all of the contempt charges and house sale resistance, it felt anything but liberating. There was no time […]

Surprisingly, we often put up with behaviors we should walk away from. Why? Emotional attachments are hard to break. Therefore, what we should be doing is walking away when we initially recognize unfavorable characteristics in another person. This doesn’t just […]

I love a story especially a great love story. It’s hard to believe but once you discard the emotional mud and muck, it’s possible to find incredible happiness after divorce. For that reason, I believe it’s worth ripping off the […]

It’s undeniable many of our relationship decisions are rooted in our childhood. And yes, it’s good to learn about why we make the choices we make, what influences shaped us, etc. But sometimes we just need to cut ourselves a […]

You never quite know where inspiration will hail from. Even the front seat view of a drive-thru Mcdonald’s. I couldn’t help but think… My relationship was more like a fast food drive-thru than a sit-down diner. There is nothing like a […]