How Great Thou Part
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This is a hard one. We tell ourselves that bad things happen for a reason – until they happen to us. We can take the ‘little’ bad stuff but the ‘big’ bad – not so much. It’s not that we […]

This morning I sit with my computer on my lap and my chocolate lab, Hazel nuzzling next to me on the couch (I know I’m a bad mother – she’s just so cute). Anyway, I knew what I was going […]

I am listening to a sermon by a priest that I know. I call him ‘Father Hope.’ ‘Father Hope’s” faith and wordsmith talent weave stories of great spirituality that stay with me long after I hear them. In fact, he […]

I squeeze beside my sister on the couch. Kathy’s new house overflows with moving boxes. I watch as she sifts through a bag of objects. She snatches an item, inspects it and then directs it to the proper pile. I […]

My Nana and Grandpa left the shores of the Emerald Isle carrying their dreams and a bit of shamrocks, Blarney and rainbows with them. You might say, “the luck of the Irish.” Tommy and Rose McCaffrey fell in love state […]

I love writing this column because not only is it cathartic for me, but because I can attempt to help some of the people in pain reaching out to me. I can tell them that I understand their heartache. It […]

In life whether it be the glorious peaks or the darkest valley the true essence of enjoying the highs or evolving through the lows resides in our core being. Who are we? What are we made of? Is our foundation […]

The store is bursting with activity. People stand in line arms overflowing with large red hearts and other love professing products. I hear a young father in the isle next to me with his two young boys. “I don’t wanna […]

I am at the coffee shop this morning. I am really supposed to be walking with my friends “Candy” and “Cookie” only we decide it’s a bit too cold to be healthy this morning. We are more 40 degree kinda […]

No, not a particularly Happy New Year so far…sounds scandalous I Know. It goes against this self-help, motivational junkie to admit that I am starting the New Year off this way. I was ready to write something really positive. After […]