How Great Thou Part
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Pain is a single word that stands for several – ‘a new beginning.’ One of the most difficult aspects of experiencing pain is not strictly how it impacts us, but also how it unfolds on those around us. I have long […]

We have to move. I know you don’t understand.  I am so sorry. This is where you met your pack. Where you traveled from room to room  – carefully choosing whose bed you would jump into and who to snuggle […]

I remember chatting with my friend during the final demise of my marriage. She pondered whether there was really just ‘one’ person for each of us in life.  I was horrified! Me, the idealistic writer. Of course, there is only […]

I am in my car listening to the Garth Brooks song If Tomorrow Never Comes. A tear jerker of a song but on this day one verse catches my attention. “So I made a promise to myself.” It’s funny how you […]

In the beginning of my divorce, I remember having lunch with two of my girlfriends.  “Why does this always happen to the kindest women?” One asked while the other agreed. “It’s not kindness,” I replied. “There are plenty of kind […]

Today I took my sweet little ‘Phyllis’ for her very first veterinary appointment. That’s what we decided to name her. It suits her. And ‘Hazel’ and ‘Phyllis’ just fit together perfectly. A couple of little ole ladies. If I didn’t […]

When you are getting a divorce you involve all the people who love you. They worry. It’s natural. When you experience a marathon – ‘divorce on steroids’ they worry more AND you exhaust them. I spent my whole life making […]

Each year we strive to not repeat much of our past. In the relationship world, that statistic is stacked against us. Admit it! When we are young, we believe we are relationship Ninjas! Immune to any sort of duplication of […]

So you have a broken heart? That’s the bad news… The good news? You don’t have to talk yourself into getting over this person. You really can get ahead of the ‘dread’ ED ex in the New Year! I know […]

You’ve just had your heart broken. You’re under the covers, Kleenex in one hand and wine in the other, watching what else? The Notebook. After all, it was your favorite movie. You used to watch it together. Once you’ve sufficiently […]