How Great Thou Part
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There is nothing more joyful than the holidays surrounded by the ones we love. But life is an ebb and flow and inevitably we suffer loss or relocations or relationships end and much more. And what was once a […]

Most people spend their time trying to connect the dots to all facets of their life. The so-called work-life balance. It’s a common complaint and many would say they never seem to accomplish it. I’m not sure who coined the […]

I admit it. I stayed in an unhappy marriage for too long. Initially, I did this for all the right reasons or what I call my favorite reason…LOVE. But ultimately even I was smart enough to realize any type of […]

Each year we strive to not repeat much of our past. In the relationship world, that statistic is stacked against us. Admit it! When we are young, we believe we are relationship Ninjas! Immune to any sort of duplication of […]

There are great benefits to being happy. It allows one to fully engage in the present and contribute well to the world. Happiness casts a living shield and makes it difficult for the negative aspects of life to stick. It […]

The hard times in life demand both inspiration and spirituality. It is what anchors and sustains people through adversity. It provides the hope and the promise to soldier on from the valley to the peak as life often necessitates. The […]