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Motherhood is indescribable. A few well-chosen words just help us articulate it. But nothing can ever truly capture it.   Follow me on Facebook @Colleen Orme National Columnist (Photos Wordswag) Instagram @colleenorme Twitter @colleenorme E-mail:

I am in my friend’s floral shop. A young woman and her mother sit in the event consultation room. The girl excuses herself to use the restroom. Instead, she secretly tiptoes towards the counter and purchases flowers. She turns and …Read More

I am sitting with my son while he shares some good news with me. “I am so proud of you,” I say “Thanks, but all I really care about is being a good person,” he says He stops me in …Read More

A few weeks ago, I began to get melancholy because it’s that time of summer again. The time that reminds me my ‘little’ kids are now ‘big’ kids. The kinda big that means I only get to borrow them for …Read More

I pull into the parking space. I sip my coffee as I listen to “The Bobby Bones Show.” A nationally syndicated country radio show based out of Nashville, Tennessee. A caller is on the line. She tells of getting a …Read More

The sun is starting to warm the morning sky. I am walking with my friends “Cookie” and “Candy.” Our conversation turns towards Mother’s Day. We chat about the influence mothers have on their children. I am reminded of the day …Read More

I pick my son Danny up from the house of a friend. The car is quiet. “I love you,” says Danny. He shakes his head back and forth with awareness of the words that have just left his mouth. “That’s …Read More

I’ve never needed to be right. What I tell my children is to remember what I did right. Remember the moments I caught myself distracted and not listening to what made your world go round and I stopped and heard …Read More