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Nothing warms the hearts of the holidays more than a fireside reading of A Christmas Carol or perhaps Twas the Night Before Christmas. Kids nestled next to their parents, sipping hot cocoa and absorbing classic tales of wonder and inspiration. As the adults […]

I am at the mall grabbing lunch at Norstrom Cafe.  One of my fav places to nosh. A young girl in front of me appears to be searching for payment and urges me to go before her. I pay for […]

When I was a baby my family experienced a house fire in the home my parents were renting. Moving would be complicated. The strain of my dad’s drinking was shifting the financial burden to my mother. And they did not have […]

I love sending thank you cards. In fact, I just love sending cards. I do not need a reason. Throughout the years I have always believed in the value of the written word. I am, after all, a writer.  Recently, I […]

Many years ago I read an article about the four traits of happy people.  I never forgot them. They were Optimism, Extroversion, Self-Esteem and a Sense of Being in Control. Before my marital problems, I can honestly say I spent […]

Let’s face it, we all initially strive for utopia. We want to find the perfect job and have the perfect wedding. We will avoid the parenting mistakes our parents made and the list goes on. We start out thinking we […]

I miss Oprah. The Golden Globes reminded us exactly why daily television just isn’t the same without her. Oprah is what I refer to as a ‘Missionary of Life.’ She is devoted to helping others, lifting them up and carrying forward […]

It’s no secret I am incredibly proud to hail from a family of first responders.  Here’s the thing. When you belong to a family of selfless heroes you don’t hear all of their stories. This is simply what they do. And […]

People seem to believe there are sides in a divorce. In actuality, there are not. I know what you’re thinking, bear with me. First, let me preface this by saying no mature, confident adult expects another human being to take […]

Just when your life is moving forward you (me) do something stupid like watch a cute young couple’s wedding video. Takes me back to the day I sat in my car only weeks into my divorce listening to my honeymoon […]