How Great Thou Part
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In the infancy of my divorce, I wrote about crying in my car while listening to my honeymoon song. Surely, I should have changed the station but I didn’t.  Instead, I sat there in all my emotional glory reliving the joyful beginning […]

I’m excited to move into my new building, the fresh start and all. Even more excited to leave the ugly ‘Di-drama’ behind me. My sister shares my excitement. “This is SO great,” she says. “Now you can move forward with […]

When I had my first baby I received all types of advice. There were a plethora of well-intentioned individuals who wanted to warn me of how to best transition into this major life change. A rule follower as always I […]

I just met with my divorce attorney. It’s our four-year anniversary. Who knew I would be ending one relationship and beginning another? After all, I never imagined my divorce would last the duration of the Presidency. I believed it to […]

I like to joke that I have switched from nightmares to what I call ‘Divorcemares.’ And they have run the gammet from the mortgage company knocking at my door to claim my house to remarrying my soon to be ex-husband. Dreams […]

I dabble in made up words, my very own divorce vocabulary.   Thus, I now experience what I refer to as Divorcemare’s.’  The scary type of boogeyman dreams which inhabit the sleeping (or should I say the restless) mind of a […]