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I belong to a Facebook group called Parentless Parents started by my friend and author Allison Gilbert. I first connected with Allison many years ago when she interviewed me for one of her books.  There is a common theme amongst […]

When I was a baby my family experienced a house fire in the home my parents were renting. Moving would be complicated. The strain of my dad’s drinking was shifting the financial burden to my mother. And they did not have […]

I am listening to one of my favorite speakers. I hang on every word. My body wilts with relief as stress exits and a sense of optimism bubbles to the surface. There is nothing like a dose of ‘positivity’ to […]

These past few months I have been a bit inconsistent in my writing. It stems from what I will call the ‘Court-down’ aka the countdown. I had no idea the extent of preparation the months preceding court would entail. I […]

My brother saves lives for a living. I have never shared with anyone that I once questioned my own choice of career. Can you blame me? I am engulfed (always the lover of puns) in a family of firefighters, cops, […]

The past few years have presented intricate challenges and infinite blessings. As we know, the two often accompany one another. Intricate and infinite…the adjectives of faith. Spiritual fitness cannot be maintained without them. I use the word ‘maintain’ rather than […]

This is a hard one. We tell ourselves that bad things happen for a reason – until they happen to us. We can take the ‘little’ bad stuff but the ‘big’ bad – not so much. It’s not that we […]

Wishing you a Happy and faith-filled New Year!   “God will open doors.” – Colossians 4:3 “Pray first. Act second.” – Isaiah 8:20 “Always put your hope in God.” – Hosea 12:6 “Forget the former things; Do not dwell on […]

In many ways, we can learn from our youngest selves. Toddlers live in real time.  There is zero pretense, no games and no holding back. Toddlers demand to be heard and because of this we listen.  Is it possible we […]

It’s natural to have regrets in life. Few of us escape them. Often, they sleep within us and remain silently dormant. And then an uncomfortable life experience pokes the bear and wakes them from their slumber. It could be reaching […]