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My youngest son and I were enjoying a meal out when he said, “You seem less stressed.” “Really?” I say back. I can see the bewilderment in his face. After all, I have the same problems. The divorce may be […]

This Kathie Lee Gifford interview is what I Am Second is known for. It is an ‘unscripted conversation’ about living a life which puts Jesus Christ first.  In their own words, I Am Second writes, “We seek a world where people become second, […]

In the infancy of my divorce, I wrote about crying in my car while listening to my honeymoon song. Surely, I should have changed the station but I didn’t.  Instead, I sat there in all my emotional glory reliving the joyful beginning […]

I posted a pic on Facebook with the caption, “My New World” – Smiley Face emoji. I know what my friends must be thinking. “Oh, for Pete’s sake Colleen! You moved one lousy town away! You didn’t leave the state!” […]

I’m excited to move into my new building, the fresh start and all. Even more excited to leave the ugly ‘Di-drama’ behind me. My sister shares my excitement. “This is SO great,” she says. “Now you can move forward with […]

I woke up yesterday with one thought. I’m finally single. Happy Birthday to me! Sure, technically it happened in June but with all of the contempt charges and house sale resistance, it felt anything but liberating. There was no time […]

It’s difficult to understand divorce unless you experience it. In fact, that’s true with most aspects of life. The deepest empathy is derived from a true understanding of walking in another’s shoes.  Take grief for example. When we are young […]

I love a story especially a great love story. It’s hard to believe but once you discard the emotional mud and muck, it’s possible to find incredible happiness after divorce. For that reason, I believe it’s worth ripping off the […]

It’s no secret some men have historically gone to great lengths to leave their wives with either little to no money. It happens to strong and capable women who are guilty of just one thing – not believing the person […]

The past few months since the finalization of my divorce haven’t worked out quite the way I expected. It honestly, has left me at a loss for words.  Not because I didn’t still have a story to tell but because […]