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Love is confusing. Logic might say it’s because it involves not just matters of the heart but two different people. And that would be true. But what makes it even more baffling is somehow we mistakenly think we can do …Read More

I write about love and marriage because it’s complicated. And because there are people out there struggling to find hope in difficult situations. Individuals who in the name of faith and family, work and sacrifice to hold onto what we …Read More

Most people do not believe their spouse is capable of hiding money. Yet, divorce makes it abundantly clear they are not only capable of it but of other unexpected behavior. It’s not possible to control another person’s actions but it …Read More

Most do not choose to divorce. It is the unfortunate result of exhausting all options. Many make this decision not only for themselves but because they want to return their children to a safe and loving environment. Yet, whether a …Read More

The dust is settling from our recent move. Things are good. However, it is difficult to protect children from financial abuse. I would compare it to alcoholism. Try as you may the kids will see that parent abuse alcohol. It’s …Read More

My youngest son and I were enjoying a meal out when he said, “You seem less stressed.” “Really?” I say back. I can see the bewilderment in his face. After all, I have the same problems. The divorce may be …Read More

This Kathie Lee Gifford interview is what I Am Second is known for. It is an ‘unscripted conversation’ about living a life which puts Jesus Christ first.  In their own words, I Am Second writes, “We seek a world where people become second, …Read More

In the infancy of my divorce, I wrote about crying in my car while listening to my honeymoon song. Surely, I should have changed the station but I didn’t.  Instead, I sat there in all my emotional glory reliving the joyful beginning …Read More

I posted a pic on Facebook with the caption, “My New World” – Smiley Face emoji. I know what my friends must be thinking. “Oh, for Pete’s sake Colleen! You moved one lousy town away! You didn’t leave the state!” …Read More

I’m excited to move into my new building, the fresh start and all. Even more excited to leave the ugly ‘Di-drama’ behind me. My sister shares my excitement. “This is SO great,” she says. “Now you can move forward with …Read More