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I woke up yesterday with one thought. I’m finally single. Happy Birthday to me! Sure, technically it happened in June but with all of the contempt charges and house sale resistance, it felt anything but liberating. There was no time […]

It’s difficult to understand divorce unless you experience it. In fact, that’s true with most aspects of life. The deepest empathy is derived from a true understanding of walking in another’s shoes.  Take grief for example. When we are young […]

I love a story especially a great love story. It’s hard to believe but once you discard the emotional mud and muck, it’s possible to find incredible happiness after divorce. For that reason, I believe it’s worth ripping off the […]

It’s no secret some men have historically gone to great lengths to leave their wives with either little to no money. It happens to strong and capable women who are guilty of just one thing – not believing the person […]

The past few months since the finalization of my divorce haven’t worked out quite the way I expected. It honestly, has left me at a loss for words.  Not because I didn’t still have a story to tell but because […]

Do you remember the first time your mom dropped you off at school? You cling to her leg with tears streaming down your face. And whimper… Please don’t leave me? This place looks scary? Why can’t I stay with you? […]

Ask any parent of divorce their greatest heartache and they will tell you it’s their children’s suffering. Ask any child of divorce their greatest heartache and they will likely spare their parent’s the truth. I’ve ridden both sides of this […]

I listen and it sounds all too familiar. A mother I know can’t stop beating herself up. Will her children suffer permanently since they don’t see their father enough? Will her son be okay without a present male influence in […]

Anyone who has experienced the complicated journey of divorce has more than likely known their fair share of moments of stress and duress. Be it struggles over co-parenting, finances, etc., it may feel as if individuality is temporarily suspended in […]

Suffice it to say agreements don’t always get honored. Of course, I knew this was coming, I just didn’t realize it would happen so quickly. I think this is a nice way of saying what many in divorce experience – […]