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A priest I know and respect said we should thank God for our pain. A hard lesson to hear when experiencing any type of emotional devastation. Sure, spiritually we believe in growth and the hardship which promotes it. And sure, …Read More

Feeling the need to quench your spiritual thirst? You may want to visit The Crowning Glory Tea Room in Fountain Hills, Arizona. A divine destination where chamomile meets Catholicism and sacred meets sweets. Before you nestle in for some scrumptious conversation …Read More

Our suffering will be unlike many and like others. Human beings come in all shapes and sizes much like our respective pain. It will vary for each of us. However, we will all suffer.  There will be times when the …Read More

In relationships, we often ‘neglect to reflect’ on how a person makes us feel. Instead, we try and get their attention by explaining what hurts or bothers us.  Or we simply sit quietly and compensate or overcompensate to deal with …Read More

I am at the mall grabbing lunch at Norstrom Cafe.  One of my fav places to nosh. A young girl in front of me appears to be searching for payment and urges me to go before her. I pay for …Read More

When I was a baby my family experienced a house fire in the home my parents were renting. Moving would be complicated. The strain of my dad’s drinking was shifting the financial burden to my mother. And they did not have …Read More

I am listening to one of my favorite speakers. I hang on every word. My body wilts with relief as stress exits and a sense of optimism bubbles to the surface. There is nothing like a dose of ‘positivity’ to …Read More

Anyone who has experienced the complicated journey of divorce has more than likely known their fair share of moments of stress and duress. Be it struggles over co-parenting, finances, etc., it may feel as if individuality is temporarily suspended in …Read More

I once listened to a sermon about life being easy. The priest compared it to sitting in an armchair contentedly watching life and getting by. The years I lived a comfortable life I won’t lie – like many, I thought …Read More

There is a profound beauty in angels, both in their spiritual glory and what they represent to human beings. Angels surround us here on earth. They are spiritual beings, messengers of God sent to watch over us, guide us, pray …Read More