How Great Thou Part
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Most do not choose to divorce. It is the unfortunate result of exhausting all options. Many make this decision not only for themselves but because they want to return their children to a safe and loving environment. Yet, whether a …Read More

Bush 41 was the quintessential example of an individual who lived his life by the ‘Big 3.’ God, Family, and Country. Followed only by the ‘Big 3’s’ necessary counterparts – service and selflessness. Perhaps this is why President George H.W. …Read More

When my two oldest were little I read an article about how we needed to spend one on one time with our kids. It was going to make them feel even more loved and yadda yadda. Ever the self-help junkie I …Read More

The past few months since the finalization of my divorce haven’t worked out quite the way I expected. It honestly, has left me at a loss for words.  Not because I didn’t still have a story to tell but because …Read More

I remember memorizing my childhood steps. My mom was sadly unaware this day had come. As the memories left her – they came towards us. I felt my foundation crumbling. The door to this emotional sanctuary slamming shut and forever exiling …Read More

Ask any parent of divorce their greatest heartache and they will tell you it’s their children’s suffering. Ask any child of divorce their greatest heartache and they will likely spare their parent’s the truth. I’ve ridden both sides of this …Read More

Some years back we were vacationing in Myrtle Beach. My youngest son was just seven years old at the time. The day was beginning when we sat down to read a chapter in his CCD book. During my own childhood, …Read More

Relationships are born from sharing. It is where emotional intimacy is created. Society today has a love-hate relationship with technology. But it may be more important to embrace these advances while empowering yourself and making them fit into your life. They …Read More

I have a secret. One I could never force myself to pound out on these keys until I felt the tide turning. It was in the infancy of this unraveling of a marriage process. I remember the exact moment. I …Read More