How Great Thou Part
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There’s nothing newsworthy about siblings or people who love one another arguing. But when you are reality television celebrities it seems all is fair in love and war. First, let’s stare down the saddest of the sister sling’s – “You’re the […]

It’s hard not to love Miranda Lambert. She makes herself immensely vulnerable letting the world into her life and mistakes via her music lyrics. Case in point? We somehow still loved her after she broke the World’s Sexiest Man’s heart! […]

Like the rest of this fast-paced digital world, I am in the habit of saving my fav reads for a later date while I zip through my email in delete mode.  And then I wait for the perfect day to catch […]

I chat with women who say they have aged due to the stress of divorce, moving, caregiving, and other mid-life challenges.  This is a reminder to look for inspiration during these difficult and transitional times. And to seek to take better […]

I just found out a friend whose daughter is an actress is giving back to the community in a big way. Hometown girl does well and doesn’t lose sight of where she came from. It’s a great story. It got […]

The hard times in life demand both inspiration and spirituality. It is what anchors and sustains people through adversity. It provides the hope and the promise to soldier on from the valley to the peak as life often necessitates. The […]