How Great Thou Part

Last year we discovered the magic of Godwinks meets the Hallmark Channel. A delicious mixture of holidays, romance, and spirituality. Even better? These divine coincidences are based on true stories. The type of tales that inspire hope, faith, and love. Just what the …Read More

There are defining moments that lead to the choice to remain or abandon a failing marriage. Stepping stones towards an ultimate relationship destination. But there are usually one or two which make the final decision. Whether an individual stays or …Read More

Sure, I knew I was a people pleaser. But somehow hearing a marriage counselor who is a psychologist tell you this – well, it sounds worse. My counselor’s exact words, “Colleen, you’re a pleaser and a fixer.” People interpret being …Read More

The answer to this question lies within just one individual…YOU. No one can make this decision for you. Though many will try. My closest family and friends urged me to leave for years. Of course, I knew they were right. …Read More

A priest I know and respect said we should thank God for our pain. A hard lesson to hear when experiencing any type of emotional devastation. Sure, spiritually we believe in growth and the hardship which promotes it. And sure, …Read More

Matters of the heart are messy, right? It’s impossible to move on from most relationships, right? The answer to both of these questions would be yes. Yet, we are the ones who often get in our own way. We rationalize …Read More

People stop hurting you when you finally accept and acknowledge who they are. My father didn’t have the power to hurt me once I understood and accepted he suffered from alcoholism. This never impacted my love for him. He was …Read More

To the idealist, dreams are exciting. To the realist, they are impractical. Dreams can often lead to an internal conflict. The one voice who says, ‘go for it!’ or the other that says, ‘run from it!’ How do we decipher …Read More

Love is confusing. Logic might say it’s because it involves not just matters of the heart but two different people. And that would be true. But what makes it even more baffling is somehow we mistakenly think we can do …Read More

I write about love and marriage because it’s complicated. And because there are people out there struggling to find hope in difficult situations. Individuals who in the name of faith and family, work and sacrifice to hold onto what we …Read More