How Great Thou Part

Motherhood is indescribable. A few well-chosen words just help us articulate it. But nothing can ever truly capture it.   Follow me on Facebook @Colleen Orme National Columnist (Photos Wordswag) Instagram @colleenorme Twitter @colleenorme E-mail:

It takes guts to go to counseling. Hence, there should be no stigma attached to it. Too many people suffer in silence while many of the world’s aches and pains are universal. There is no shame in seeking relief and […]

Apologizing can be difficult. Yet, it is one of the most important relationships skills we can master. Why? Because the people we love are more important than being right. Or at least they should be. The problem with the majority […]

My youngest son and I were enjoying a meal out when he said, “You seem less stressed.” “Really?” I say back. I can see the bewilderment in his face. After all, I have the same problems. The divorce may be […]

This Kathie Lee Gifford interview is what I Am Second is known for. It is an ‘unscripted conversation’ about living a life which puts Jesus Christ first.  In their own words, I Am Second writes, “We seek a world where people become second, […]

Many of us remain in broken relationships far longer than we should. Change is difficult. And a large number of us lack the self-protective boundaries which would get us out sooner.  Instead, we concentrate on the actual ‘no longer working’ […]

I met Kathie Lee Gifford in 1992 on the set of Live with Regis and Kathie Lee. That is if you count exchanging a simple smile, but hey, give me my moment. It was 1992, just weeks after losing our mother […]

Love is the magic elixir. In fact, love is so intoxicating it can temporarily make us lose our perspective.  Yet, there is one thing we should never, ever lose sight of. We deserve to not just be loved.  We deserve […]

In the infancy of my divorce, I wrote about crying in my car while listening to my honeymoon song. Surely, I should have changed the station but I didn’t.  Instead, I sat there in all my emotional glory reliving the joyful beginning […]

I posted a pic on Facebook with the caption, “My New World” – Smiley Face emoji. I know what my friends must be thinking. “Oh, for Pete’s sake Colleen! You moved one lousy town away! You didn’t leave the state!” […]