How Great Thou Part

I posted a pic on Facebook with the caption, “My New World” – Smiley Face emoji. I know what my friends must be thinking. “Oh, for Pete’s sake Colleen! You moved one lousy town away! You didn’t leave the state!” […]

Our suffering will be unlike many and like others. Human beings come in all shapes and sizes much like our respective pain. It will vary for each of us. However, we will all suffer.  There will be times when the […]

In relationships, we often ‘neglect to reflect’ on how a person makes us feel. Instead, we try and get their attention by explaining what hurts or bothers us.  Or we simply sit quietly and compensate or overcompensate to deal with […]

I’m excited to move into my new building, the fresh start and all. Even more excited to leave the ugly ‘Di-drama’ behind me. My sister shares my excitement. “This is SO great,” she says. “Now you can move forward with […]

We don’t really believe it’s okay to take time for ourselves. We want to believe it. We want to invest in ourselves. We want to let our individual heart soar. But down deep there seems to be something selfish about […]

I recently received an email from someone who had read my column 5 Indicators That Someone You Love Doesn’t Care About You. It got me thinking. Why is it we place so much importance on relationship words rather than relationship actions? […]

Love is simple in infancy but becomes hugely complicated with time. As the initial romantic deluge is replaced by normal day to day routines. This hustle and bustle often leads to complaints about various aspects of our relationships. The little things […]

Bush 41 was the quintessential example of an individual who lived his life by the ‘Big 3.’ God, Family, and Country. Followed only by the ‘Big 3’s’ necessary counterparts – service and selflessness. Perhaps this is why President George H.W. […]

Nothing warms the hearts of the holidays more than a fireside reading of A Christmas Carol or perhaps Twas the Night Before Christmas. Kids nestled next to their parents, sipping hot cocoa and absorbing classic tales of wonder and inspiration. As the adults […]

I am at the mall grabbing lunch at Norstrom Cafe.  One of my fav places to nosh. A young girl in front of me appears to be searching for payment and urges me to go before her. I pay for […]