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Do you ever find yourself staring at a to-do list and wondering where to start? I

God won’t take his eyes off us for one moment. This doesn’t mean bad things don’t ever happen to those who love him, but you will not go one moment before your time. We have a race to run.

I have always been a stargazer. One of my favorite things to do as a child was to lie on a blanket on the grass and wait for the stars and the moon to appear. From a child-like perspective the …Read More

Today I received the news that a very brave, eight year old boy, Connor Cruse, lost his battle with cancer. As I read the message I wept. Although the family lives in our neighborhood, I have never met Connor, but …Read More

Our son, Christian and two of his friends decided that it would be fun to go to camp together this summer. It’s about a two-hour drive from our home but Barry likes to leave so early that we could almost …Read More

My two dogs, Belle and Tink only differ in weight by five pounds but in Bichon terms that can mean a world of difference. Belle, who is five years old, weighs fourteen pounds and Tink who is three, weighs nine. …Read More

It was real sadness that I listened to news of Governor Mark Sanford of South Carolina’s affair with a woman the press is referring to as, Maria. Sadness for many reasons. One because of how publicly betrayed his wife must …Read More

For Spring Break this year my husband, Barry and I took our son, Christian and one of his buddies to Nassau in the Bahamas. As I spend so much time traveling I was able to use air miles to get …Read More

Dear Friends, Recently, I was reading one of my favorite letters that Paul wrote. He wrote it to the Church in Thessalonica. In three very short verses he gives us a description of what God is looking for in those …Read More

A friend asked me a couple of years ago if I blogged and I looked at her with the blank stare of the uninitiated. There are words that have today become the cornerstones of our pop culture that had no …Read More