My new picture book, The Shabbat Princess, will be released on September 1, but you don’t need to wait that long to tell her how much you like her. Visit her new facebook page or follow her tweets @shabbatprincess – I’ll be posting chances to win free copies very soon. Hope to see you there!

I’m on vacation until August 1, and will be back with all new material. Until then, here’s a favorite from last summer. New Year’s is a time for resolutions – do more yoga, eat fewer sweets, spend less time on facebook…..sometimes we follow through; more often we can’t, or don’t. Fortunately, those of use who…

  To be a Jew means to wake up and to keep your eyes open to the many beautiful, mysterious, and holy things that happen all around us every day. Rabbi Lawrence Kushner ps, We didn’t grow this, they did. I think it might be too beautiful to eat, don’t you?      

I’m a lousy fundraiser. We have a $1,500 fundraising obligation each year for our daughters’ day school, and every year we end up paying almost the whole thing out of pocket because I hate asking people for money. Even for something I believe in. (Thanks to bubbie for giving without my having to ask…) But.…



I'm a mother of two girls, raised in suburban Baltimore, and transplanted to a small New England town. I teach, write, and try to create a vibrant Jewish home for my family while spending very little time in synagogue. I guess you could say we're home-shuling.

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