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Rich in vitamin C, lemons can give a powerful boost to your immune system. Though they are extremely acidic, lemons are rapidly converted to an alkaline pH in the digestive tract. As such, the fruit makes a powerful healing agent …Read More

Watercress is a refreshing vegetable to add to your meals. It is a good source of iron, calcium, phosphorus, potassium, as well as vitamins A, C and K. It aids in digestion and can act as a diuretic. It contains …Read More

Cinnamon is actually the bark of the cinnamon tree. The bark curls into quills when it is peeled off the tree. With methylhydroxy chalcone polymer as its main active ingredient, it is found that the essential oils found uniquely in …Read More

Raspberries are fantastic fruits because they are full of vitamin C and anti-cancer compounds. Raspberries contain ellagic acid, which is a powerful cancer-fighting phytonutrient. The berries, which may come in colors other than pink, like yellow, also contain anthocyanins – …Read More

Fennel is a very popular herb among healers of different cultures. It is rich in nutrients like vitamin C, potassium, folate, magnesium, manganese, iron, calcium and molybdenum. Eating fennel or drinking fennel tea can help if you have an upset …Read More

As one of the richest natural food sources of potassium, bananas can help protect you against heart diseases as well as stroke. Besides potassium, bananas are also great sources of vitamin B6 and C, riboflavin, magnesium, biotin, silicon, and phosphorus. …Read More

Turnip, a member of the cruciferous family, has the wonderful health properties of cancer-preventing cruciferous vegetables. Sometimes eaten as a starchy vegetable, turnip root contains only a-third the calories of a baked potato, and so much more dietary fiber, which …Read More

Sage is often added to food for flavoring. But sage does more than bring taste to your food. When added to sausage, it actually helps in your body’s digestion of meat. With antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, the herb can be …Read More

If you have poor digestive health, miso is a fermented food taste made from soybeans, rice and mold that could be beneficial to you. One of the foods made from soybean that is widely considered healthy (not all soybean foods …Read More

The global artichoke is an unusual food. A member of the thistle family that is cultivated as food, it is one of the world’s oldest cultivated vegetables. Artichokes are used in many parts of the world both as food and …Read More