Is this a call? Is this a message? Is this a divine statement? We have an opportunity now to use this time for our own growth. We have time to have conversations that we wouldn’t normally have. We have a time to reflect, to meditate, to reconsider our choices. We have time to create a…

Whatever the depth of suffering we are currently afflicted with, many of us, if we examine our lives deeply are not really suffering that much beyond fear. And that may feel extraordinarily real. If you are undergoing extreme stress, anxiety or feelings of worthlessness, feel free to contact me. I cannot answer all messages personally,…

“The highest aim of any spiritual path is letting go, trusting that at the level of spirit, everything is always unfolding perfectly. Embrace uncertainty and cherish it as tenderly as a newborn baby.” ~ Deepak Chopra I feel Deepak’s Chopra’s message is relevant to all humanity right now as we are gripped by collective fear…

1. Fear Not Fear, hysteria, panic and anxiety only serve to weaken our bodies. Our immune system responds to fear and the type of biochemical stress hormones our bodies produce (Adrenaline, Cortisol, Norepinephrine) with suppression. It is actually fear that makes us more susceptible to illnesses like Coronavirus. Fear imitates an orchestra of chemicals and…

David Starlyte

David Starlyte

David is a holistic healer, writer and teacher. A health-science degree graduate, David's background includes over 16 years in the wellness industry with the last 12 of those being based in Australia. He has trained with Qi Gong masters in China and Buddhist monks in Thailand. He has even studied with kabbalists as a monastic in the Middle-East.

As a channel for Divine wisdom, his intuitive coaching, speaking and healing sessions invoke purposeful shifts into deeper connection, inner peace and awakening.

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