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Yup, you read it correctly! After almost a year away, the Gospel Soundcheck blog is back! I know, I know. When I stopped blogging last year, I was exhausted, frustrated and cynical. And when I stopped blogging here, I stopped almost …Read More

Greetings my dear readers! As you know, I’ve moved on from music blogging, but I wanted to make sure that I gave you a head’s up on the new music blogger for Beliefnet! His name is Stephen Russ, and trust …Read More

Regular readers of this blog may have been wondering where I’ve been the last few months. Everyone else probably didn’t notice or care. Well, here’s the deal. My contract with Beliefnet ended in October, and you may have caught on …Read More

I admit this has nothing to do with Christian music, but since I mentioned it in an American Idol post and asked for votes, I thought I’d give you an update. I got notice today that my dog blog, It’s …Read More

In addition to covering Christian music for Beliefnet and other publications, I also write a humor/slice of life column for the Christian Voice Magazine, and something I call dogvotionals – life and faith lessons I’ve learned from my dog. I …Read More

I’ll be doing an interview tomorrow morning with Lorri and Larry on the Sirius Radio program “Mornings with Lorri and Larry.” The show airs on Sirius Radio channel 161; I’ll be on at about 6 am. You can learn more …Read More

Thanks to everyone who pointed out my really goofy title on the post about the death of David Cook’s brother. I was in a hurry this weekend to do posts and finish a ton of work because I was on …Read More

Gil Kaufman, a writer for MTV, interviewed me this week for a story he was doing about American Idol and what seems like an unusual number of Christian artists in this season’s competition. I’ve been covering the Christian angle of …Read More

I did a story for the Christian Examiner on Christian music artist Bryan Duncan. The article is up on their website right now. It was interesting to talk to Duncan. He’s an artist who spent years and years traveling the …Read More

I just wanted to take a moment to wish you all a very Merry Christmas! As many of you know, in my other life I’m a columnist for several Christian magazines and newspapers, so I thought I’d share with you …Read More