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When I left the Gospel Soundcheck blog for my little hiatus last fall, the hot topic was (besides Katy Perry), homosexuality (which, I suppose, includes the singer who kissed a girl and liked it). I know. What on earth does being gay have […]

The L.A. Times did a story yesterday on the documentary “Wish Me Away,” which chronicles the coming out of country music artist Chely Wright. Wright also happens to be a Christian. The film has already won the jury documentary prize […]

Let me clear the air right out of the gate: I love Jennifer Knapp. Her music has been an incredible inspiration for me, and when I heard she had a new album out I was very excited. Jennifer Knapp burst […]

This has nothing to do with Christian music, but the topic of homosexuality and Christianity comes up often on this blog when we’re talking about gay Christian music, so I thought I’d share it.It’s a message for Christians – maybe […]

Much has been made over the last few days about the surprise upset on season 8 of American Idol, when the aw, shucks guy next door Kris Allen beat out glam rocker Adam Lambert for the title of American Idol. […]

The Abilene Reporter News reports that on April 5th CCM artist Ray Boltz will perform at the second annual “Palm Sunday at the Paramount,” sponsored by Exodus Metropolitan Church. The concert is at 4 PM, and Boltz is inviting singers […]

Brian Bates, who kindly shared some thoughts with us recently about how Christians should respond to Ray Boltz and gays, is offering fans a download of his new song, “Under.” You can listen to the song on his website, and […]

I’m reading a lot lately about Ray Boltz’s new song, “Don’t Tell Me Who To Love” and it’s gay agenda. Because I like to check things out for myself, I went to Ray’s blog to read what he had to […]

The Christian community was shocked recently when Christian recording artist Ray Boltz come out of the closet and announced that he was gay. The world was much less shocked when recording star Clay Aiken made the same announcement, but was […]

I know this will come as a shock to many of you, so sit down in case you faint, but Clay Aiken has come out of the closet and confirmed that he is, indeed, gay. Um. Didn’t we pretty much […]