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What’s cuter than toddlers or baby goats?  A toddler hugging baby goats!          

Dylan’s Cystic Fibrosis treatments consist of long periods of time in a breathing apparatus.  Watch his mom’s creative solution for how to keep him entertained–and athletic!

The assignment: give your child a truly stupid early Christmas present. Videotape their reaction. Send it into late-night TV talk-show host Jimmy Kimmel. CLICK HERE to see hilarious video  

What a fun video! Here is a Christmas greetings unlike any you’ve ever seen — the Hallelujah Chorus brought to you by the 5th graders of Kuinerrarmiut Elitnaurviat Elementary School in Quinhagak, Alaska. As you can see, they’ve had a …Read More

When Mom figured out that her youngest son had fallen into the pool, she was frantic. She pulled the toddler out of the water and tried to resuscitate him, but it wasn’t working. Enter big brother — age 9 — …Read More

“He loves me. He cares about me. But he’s still annoying.” So says 8-year-old Brandon Lovett. That’s the thanks that his seventh grader brother, Bryan, gets after saving the third grader’s life. It seems Brandon was being his ever-active self …Read More

Take quadruplets — that would be twins squared. Four happy babies. Add one loving, silly daddy. A daddy who knows just what it takes to get all four toddlers laughing.  (Poor Mommy!)  

Getting a little brother is a rare gift — somebody to grow up with, to be a role model for, to teach how to look out for himself. Not everybody has a little brother — a lifelong best friend, particularly …Read More

It seems mom wasn’t feeling all that great and let her 1-year-old and his 3-year-old brother out of her sight for a few seconds. She steps out of the bathroom and finds that the pair have discovered what fun a …Read More

We have to admit feeling a little guilty for finding this little guy’s condition humorous. However, it’s obvious that he has a loving dad. And, apparently, healthy teeth.