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  Cheer for your favorite pup!   [imagebrowser id=2]  

Watch an adorable mosh pit of pandas tumble down a slide!

What’s cuter than toddlers or baby goats?  A toddler hugging baby goats!          

Get ready to rock with the “Hovercat.”  This supercute viral video (500,000 views in 2 days!) will have you dancing along in no time! Make sure to turn your volume down a bit if you’re at work  🙂    

This canine mother seems very happy raising her adopted children: Siberian tiger cubs! They make for a cute team and a heart-warming story about nurturing instincts.       


He’s a tiny little thing — barely has his eyes open — Siku the Polar Bear, but he already has millions of fans worldwide who have watched him roll over, have his back rubbed and just be adorable on ABC […]

OK, what if your favorite pet could sing Christmas carols? The result just might be hilarious. In the spirit of the season, we share these classics with you — hilarious pets singing … hey, you have to see it to believe […]

“Sometimes God’s just not ready to take something away,” marvels Reta McKinlay, affectionately petting her family’s mixed-breed puppy, Scamp. A few days ago, the eight-month-old half-Yorkshire terrier, half-Shihtzu was hit by a car. He was obviously a goner — not moving, […]

Without a doubt, this canine does not like cellphones. Why? Maybe he just dislikes commercials about them … Jokes – Dog Hates The iPhone