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CLICK “SHARE” TO SEND THIS TO SOMEONE WHO NEEDS TO HEAR THE TRUTH! Incredible, moving video about why Jesus trumps religion. And here’s the text of the entire poem, copyright Jefferson Bethke. You can find more of his work and …Read More

OK, it’s one thing to stage a public dance recital. It’s a Christmas tradition, after all to take your kids to see the Rockettes at New York City’s Radio City Music Hall. These performers aren’t in the famed music hall. …Read More

He paints in front of audiences — enthusiastically emblazing his message on the canvas to their delight and applause. He’s former southern California graffiti artist David Garibaldi. A high school dropout, he was living day-by-day — until he found a …Read More

Mowing can be monotonous for artist Jon Huckeby, says KNWA-TV in northwest Arkansas. So he has applied his talents  his chores. The result: lawn art. “A Siloam Springs man has found a way to spice things up,” reports KNWA’s Tom Yazwinski. “Picasso is …Read More

Most three-year-olds like to fingerpaint.  However, you’ve never seen a pre-school artist like this one:

Willard Wigans was born with a learning disability and as a child he often felt small and insignificant. That set him on a life’s mission to prove that there could be immense beauty in something that was so small that …Read More