Good Days…Bad Days With Maureen Pratt

Image courtesy of MaggieSmith/

Image courtesy of MaggieSmith/

Lupus and other chronic illnesses and pain can certainly bring on tremendous fatigue. I sometimes liken the sensation of lupus fatigue to feeling as if my body is being crushed into something that cannot move but can still hurt.

Unfortunately, along with illness-precipitated fatigue, even a long nap might not bring the restoration of energy and vitality that it will for someone not living with other health challenges. And as the days wear on, we can certainly feel as if there will be no rest for the weariest.

Last weekend, I was honored to write the Intentions for the masses at my parish. The Scripture readings had many themes, but what truly struck me was the Gospel reading from Mark 6:30-34, which talks of Jesus inviting his disciples to, “Come away by yourselves to a deserted place and rest awhile” after they had returned from ministering to others. This instance of Jesus and his disciples seeking rest is not an isolated incident in the Bible, and I think it appears for a reason: Not only does Jesus ask us to work, whether at our vocation of living with illness or some other ministry, but he also insists that we take time to rest. Truly rest. And to take that rest with him.

At the times when I am  most weary, it helps me to think of Jesus inviting me to rest, and to then seek that rest with him in mind and heart. Peaceful rest, comfortable rest. Rest that not even the worst bout of a lupus flare can overtake. Because I’ve allowed the Lord to lead me to it.

And with God, all things are possible!