Good Days…Bad Days With Maureen Pratt

Image Courtesy of Janes Barker/

Image Courtesy of Janes Barker/

God gives us many blessings, but especially the dawn of a new, bright, promising day. Even if I wake up in horrible pain, I understand that a new day means that God will undoubtedly work in new ways – within me and outside of my immediate world. I know that each day will be slightly different, reflecting the amazing variety that is the natural world and the human world. This is manifested by the every-changing clouds in the sky and the movement of people to and fro, in and out of my thoughts and interactions.  And so much of a new day is truly and profoundly good!

Lately, I’ve been musing over the title of my blog. Are there really ‘bad’ days, as if they carry a moral value or other quantifier and sometimes come up short of more lofty expectations?

Hmmm… Actually, as I look at the amazing ways that God works each day, even when I’m in horrible pain or have a new and confounding symptom or problem, I cannot say it is the day that has been bad. Challenging, eternally slow, awfully agonizing, maybe. But the days  themselves? Those times and moment-filled 24-hour periods where God is walking right alongside each of us?

I have come to realize that those very days, those precious days, are actually all inherently good. Yup. Not a bad day to be found.

So, what about the title of my blog?

Well, as I said, painful, difficult, unwanted things can occur of a day. And sometimes it might seem as if the entire day, sun up to sun down, has been a long battle.

But ‘bad?’

God gives us each day. What He gives cannot be bad.

And with that in mind, we can have hope that there is good, each day. It moves with us and carries us along, particularly through the rough patches. And we will be comforted.