Good Days…Bad Days With Maureen Pratt

Image courtesy of graur codrin/

Image courtesy of graur codrin/

When we’re in awful pain, it’s natural to think about a time ahead when we might be pain free. Or, to focus on the day when movement will be easier, there will be a “cure” for what we have, or even a time in the future when we’ll at least be stronger and more able than we are now.

Yes, chronic pain and illness have a way of focusing us on the future. And yet, if we refocus our thoughts on now, today, we will find we’re able to more clearly see God working in the present, where we are, no matter what is happening around us.

God’s love, ever-present, is not just for the time when, blessedly, we will have less pain, be more healthy, or are cured (if that will ever happen). God’s love is for us exactly where we are and who we are – right now.

Thinking about the future, however we may hope for it to be pain- or illness-free, can bring us lots of internal stress and certainly more questions. But focusing on today, especially on God’s love that is available to us right this moment can do just the opposite – it can relieve us of the worry for tomorrow as it flows over us as God’s quiet, calming love…

Right now!