Good Days…Bad Days With Maureen Pratt

Image courtesy of StuartMiles/

Image courtesy of StuartMiles/

So, the events of last week were incredible, spiritually uplifting, encouraging…and exhausting! Yes, we mortals who have chronic illness know this only too well – there’s only so much we can do before the overwhelming sense of fatigue, bone-deep, takes hold and we have to step down, step back, and take care of the business of being chronically ill.

I wanted to post more, write more, talk more about last week, but fatigue and the other “baggage” that come with health problems intervened. Yet, my heart is not saddened by this, nor am I guilt-ridden. As my fellow chronic illness sufferers know, even if we cannot eat the whole cake, the slender slice we are able to consume is a blessing. The experience of attending the Mass of Canonization for Junipero Serra is one that I’ll treasure even as I clock into my doctors’ offices for extended tlc!

Often, we get frustrated because of the limitations imposed by our health challenges, and this frustration can be amplified if the limitations occur around an important event or milestone in our lives. Anniversaries, graduations, and birthday celebrations are events we don’t want to miss, but sometimes illness doesn’t take a holiday no matter how well we prepare. Focusing on the blessings we are able to enjoy can help ease the frustration and help us understand that God does bring grace into our lives, even if we think it might be abbreviated from what we’d receive if we were fully healthy.

As I take stock of the after-effects of a whirlwind, wonderful time, I’ll certainly keep my memories close. And I’ll share the experience widely, so that the grace I received from it might be multiplied beyond my limited scope!

Joy and peace,