Good Days…Bad Days With Maureen Pratt

Second close-up of pictureWhen we’re facing an otherwise unpleasant situation, sometimes we can make the time pass more pleasantly if we consciously focus on all that is good: Good food (healthful food, that is, in moderate portions), good activities, good reading, good fellowship, good activities…yes, all that is good.

I recently had to go on a course of prednisone, a medication that I’ve had to take many times in the past. I don’t like it, but sometimes it just has to “be” in my life with lupus. I carefully followed my doc’s instructions and dug in, this time, deciding that, along with the med, I’d put myself on a “diet of goodness.”  As I went through the course of treatment, I did experience some times that were very difficult, however when those moments threatened to overthrow my focus on “goodness,” I lifted up a prayer for patience and perseverence – and felt immense strength fill me and hold me up and through. Moreover, the ability to pray and keep my eyes fixed on the good gave me a sense of control over a situation that felt a bit out of my hands – not unusual when we’re flaring and have to rely on our doctors for guidance and treatments. Yes, I couldn’t control my lupus, nor the flare, but I could control where my thoughts and prayers hovered and landed. It made an enormous, positive difference!

In chronic illness and pain, we know we have to work closely with our medical teams. But we also have to work with ourselves, keeping close to God in prayer and to goodness in everyday life. In this way, we’ll have the inner strength to face those outer challenges – and make the most of difficult times.