Good Days…Bad Days With Maureen Pratt

Maureen Pratt Author PicPrayer is an immensely vital part of my life, especially when I think of how God works through my time in prayer to bring me extra strength, hope, and comfort in the times when my illness and pain are terribly crushing. So, when I was asked to speak about prayer, I jumped at the chance. But now, as I look at the crisp pages of the handout and the carefully designed Power Point slides, I find myself thinking, “Is this enough? Too much? Should I rework it? Leave it as it is?” The entire workshop will be given an hour and a half time slot. Have I allowed enough breathing room for comments? Questions? Or, most obviously, prayer?

Am I doing justice to the subject of prayer?

I have two basic objectives woven throughout my workshop: One: Prayer is an ongoing conversation with God that should develop and deepen the farther we journey into our lives of faith. Yes, sometimes we’ll hit a “plateau,” where we think we’re not journeying anywhere, and yes, too, sometimes we might be unable to pray (this happened to me because of illness and certain medications that created a horrible storm of reactions). But if we are focused and consistent, those times of seeming stagnation and/or helplessness will be temporary, and through others’ prayers (other people praying for us when we are unable to pray ourselves) and God’s constant presence, we’ll “come out the other side” into His light once again.

The second objective is more practical: Think you don’t have enough time to pray? Think again! There’s time, if we consciously want to capture it – and here’s how…

Throughout, I draw on history, early and contemporary Christian prayer, Saints and saints who are wonderful examples of prayer warriors, and types and tools of and for prayer – creative ways of approaching that precious conversation with God. Distilling it as I have in these three paragraphs, it might seem as if I don’t have enough material to fill that hour and a half. But as I look through my notes, I have to say I’ll be lucky to fit in everything there and, perhpas, the many other points and pointers that didn’t make it onto those pages!

I’ll sure be praying mightily up until it’s time to give the workshop! And, I’ll be praying throughout, too – for a voice that holds, ideas that resonate with the attendees, and a willingness to get out of my own way and let the Holy Spirit work.

If you have a moment, please pray, too! Just as there’s never enough God in our world, there’s sure never enough prayer!

Grace and joy,