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When I tell people that I work on immigration reform, they usually laugh or say, “way to pick an easy topic.” Everyday it feels like there is more fear, more hate. Raids are picking up in Nevada, California, and New […]

I sat with Elvira Arellano at a press conference last weekend with representatives of our sanctuary families in Los Angeles. Several of the reporters asked her if she believed that she was the Rosa Parks of the immigrant rights movement. […]

But for three hiatuses for school, I’ve lived my whole life in the Twin Cities, and my heritage and skin tone match the Lake Wobegon image of my city and state. I’m the descendant of German, Norwegian, Welsh, and British […]

Elvira Arellano, the young mother who sparked the New Sanctuary Movement and appears prominently in the current issue of Sojourners magazine, was arrested Sunday afternoon in Los Angeles and was deported to Tijuana, Mexico, within hours of her arrest. Arellano […]

John Howard Yoder, a Mennonite theologian and significant influence on Sojourners, used to say that the world often helps the church remember what it means to be church. The observations of those outside often serve to return the church to […]

Issues related to immigration are in the news this week. A new study finds that immigrants from Mexico and Central America are now “living under a dramatically increased sense of siege.” A poll reported in the study found that “More […]

Why would a congregation risk prosecution to provide sanctuary to an immigrant family? Why would a pastor decide that people who have broken laws deserve protection, support, and advocacy? When I was doing missionary work in Southeast Asia, I attended […]

Katie Barge at Faith in Public Life has done a great job of rounding up comments (including GP’s post by Rev. Derrick Harkins) on the religious community’s advocacy on behalf of family reunification in the immigration debate. Her comments: The […]

Driving around yesterday afternoon, I was flipping between the news on two radio stations – a local talk station and BBC World Radio. During the same hour, both stations covered the same story about Islam: the findings of the first-ever […]

The immigration system in America is beyond broken; it is in crisis. Because it is not simply a crisis limited to issues of documentation and border enforcement, but rather one that is tearing at the very fabric of individuals, families, […]