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One of the high points of the recent World Vision Triennial Council meeting in Singapore was a remarkable address by Jan Egeland, former U.N. under-secretary-general for humanitarian affairs and emergency relief coordinator. Egeland has been deeply involved in the resolution …Read More

The great fall debate on Iraq has begun. Several much-anticipated reports on the success of the war (or lack thereof) have started to arrive in the nation’s capital, which will be followed by the most contentious of congressional debates. This …Read More

The Rev. Dr. D. James Kennedy, the Christian Right leader Rolling Stone magazine described as “the most influential evangelical you’ve never heard of,” died yesterday in Florida of complications from a heart attack. His passing, only months after the death …Read More

I spent this morning with the Sisters of Charity at their shelter for disabled children in downtown Gaza City. When I first started going to the shelter, a boy called Na’el, with a consistent look of fear in his eyes, …Read More

Twenty three of the coolest people I’ve ever met geared up by putting on costumes, make-up, and even wigs, for the grueling brawl that ensued as we all tried to wax the stage with one another in an art form …Read More

OK. I’ve got to admit it – being a part of the panel to ask candidates for the presidency of the United States about their faith and moral values was just plain surreal. Kudos to Jim Wallis (and Jack Pannell …Read More

The daily news from Iraq is mind-numbing, as violence and death continue unabated. And part of that numbing is the danger of seeing the daily body counts as just more numbers. As of yesterday morning, 3,503 Americans have died. So, …Read More

Legislation for comprehensive immigration reform collapsed in the U.S. Senate yesterday as an effort to move to a final vote was defeated, leaving the future in serious doubt. It’s the perfect example of an observation I’ve often made – that …Read More

Stephen, I have a “wag of the finger” for you. Wednesday night you opened your show by talking about our recent presidential forum on faith, values, and poverty by saying, "CNN gives the Democratic candidates an hour to talk about …Read More