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Jehoshaphat ruled over a kingdom of Judah looking to make them stronger.   He began by teaching the people to play strong and celebrate who God is. He taught them to Study God’s Law. He taught to Hear God’s Will vs …Read More

Prayer is powerful. Prayer is key to success. God hears the prayers of the hurting, the troubled, and those at the end of their rope. Prayer is also used as an excuse. Magical thinking. A way to blame God for …Read More

This morning we are continuing our STRONG journey digging into the life of Jehoshaphat.   Let’s review… We are living during a time called the “Divided Kingdom.” Israel had three main kings when they were one nation:  Saul, then David, and …Read More

I was a little discouraged one night a few months ago. I was discouraged that my wife was very stressed about the move, getting the house set up, getting kids to school.   I was feeling unappreciated, feeling like she was …Read More