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  In 2008, I launched a new series at our church called Godonomics.   That same month an emotional hurricane hit my house. We had adopted my son Quinn a few months earlier.  We met his birthmother almost a year …Read More

There is nothing like a game of Wii to reveal that the best of families quickly goes from looking like the old Leave It To Beaver show to The Munsters show. In the family room, we discover that we are …Read More

My son and I are entering a new phase. He’s in seventh grade now. This past week I took him out with an older man in the church to learn how to safely shoot a real gun. In a world …Read More

Where Does a Mother Go to Resign? I.  BIBLICAL ANSWERS FOR DEPRESSION Serious mental illnesses (SMIs), which afflict about 6% of American adults, cost society $193.2 billion in lost earnings per year, according to findings published in this month’s American Journal …Read More

2) What Happens When We Don’t Obey First. In the Bible is a true story of parents who “trained” their son to obey last. They trained him to be selfish, demanding, and self-centered. His name was Samson. You may remember …Read More

My daughter and son have both done some acting. Nothing big, but a few commercials. They’ve been learning how to be teachable, take direction, and earn money. My son is twelve and my daughter is fourteen. They are both learning …Read More

There was a man whose father was Nate Saint. He was a Christian and a famous martyr who died when his son was young by a group of natives in Ecuador who murdered him.  His wife went back into that …Read More

II. Modify Your Parenting Bend Train up a child in the way he should go, Even when he is old he will not depart from it. (Proverbs 22:6) Train Up by Stimulating Natural Instincts The Hebrew word hanakh means “to …Read More

God offers something to you and I that we need. He offers us loving emotional closeness and trust. PLUS He offers us the structure, discipline, and framework of correction.  Many of us turned away from God and church because we …Read More

DANGER: TEACHING CONSEQUENCES AND REWARDS Parenting is hard. It is difficult. Trying to wrestle with the challenge of balancing grace and truth with your individual children’s personalities and temperaments is a real challenge.  All the while, children are brilliant at …Read More