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John Welsey: The Capitalist and Fan of Godonomics  (who would be sadly disappointed in the Methodist church today). “We must exhort all Christians to gain all they can and to save all they can; that is, in effect grow rich.” …Read More

My daughter and son have both done some acting. Nothing big, but a few commercials. They’ve been learning how to be teachable, take direction, and earn money. My son is twelve and my daughter is fourteen. They are both learning …Read More

Every mother and father knows the moment of anticipation and terror when our children open a birthday gift from a friend or family member and forget to say thank you. What is worse is when our children blurt out, “I …Read More

Why would God want people to make money?  Why are there so many verses about being prosperous?  These are the verses televangelists use to manipulate people into “vows of faith” and money grabs.    These snake oil salesmen approach assume …Read More

Last week it was reports that 8 of 10 college graduates will come home to live with mom and dad.  Summer unemployment for teenagers and summer workers was up to 25%. How do we help prepare our kids for the …Read More

History records that 2000 years ago Jesus came to earth and claimed to be God, undercover. He came and dwelt among us.  He watched and examined mankind.  He was horrified to see how the love, message, and grace of God …Read More

  The headline we’ll never see; “Harold Camping was Right! Judgment Day occurred on May 21, 2011” Many people have focused on Camping’s errors -which is understandable since there are so many to choose from. However, I’d like to focus …Read More