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Ever feel like Christmas has become too commercialized?  It’s more about getting than giving? This is the second Christmas since Beth’s grandmother passed away.  She was a woman of few words.  She served others to show her love. She grew …Read More

What is Christmas all about? What is life all about? (Give unto others as you have had it given unto you.) Christmas is about the generosity of God. He gave of Himself generously and sacrificially to come to earth to …Read More

Jesus came into the darkness. And He didn’t come as a king or warrior or prince. He didn’t come to the big city, the palaces, or the triumphal places. No!  He comes to the forgotten places. He comes to the …Read More

G.I. Joe: “Let’s Realize Things Are Bad, But I Have a Rescue Plan…” I don’t know any men who grew up wanting a Barbie doll.  Men want to grow up to be Gallant.  Whether it’s the Woody the Cowboy, He-Man, …Read More

Deep within the human heart is a desire for a Gallant Gratitude.   A gratitude that is so strong, it can stand up to and face the problems in life.   A gratitude that transcends circumstances.  A gratefulness that can celebrate the …Read More

I was a little discouraged one night a few months ago. I was discouraged that my wife was very stressed about the move, getting the house set up, getting kids to school.   I was feeling unappreciated, feeling like she was …Read More