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Few women practiced Godonomics better than Lydia. Her story from the book of acts is an example of a leader, an entrepreneur, a successful business builder, and mother. She produces a high end product (a seller of purple material) to …Read More

I read an interesting article in the Wall Street Journal. This article was written by a Rabbi affirming the Old Testament’s support of Free Market Capitalism. Here’s a paragraph: More than any other nation, the United States was founded …Read More

One of my favorite artists is a woman named Joan Steiner who composes “normal” scenes from everyday household items. Here is one example: If you zoom in, you see the towers are recorders. The bushes are turnips. The walls are …Read More

A couple of months ago, almost 1200 volunteers, children, families, and neighbors from our church packed over 318,000 meals for starving children around the world. This outpouring was motivated by the grace of God to minister to Christ Himself because …Read More

Many people wonder what religion they are. Beliefnet has a slick tool for figuring it out called the belief-o-matic. If you want a shorter and simpler version before trying that out, this little quiz might help. Our church has been …Read More

  As we think back on the holidays, many of us will think of Charlie Brown’s Christmas Tree- -remembering a time when “less-is-more” could be more meaningful. We might even remember Linus and Lucy reading from Luke 2 as we …Read More

The devastation in the news seems to get worse and worse.  Earthquakes are increasing. Tornadoes have been sweeping through the alley at a record pace.   Why do bad things happen to good people? The financial cost is devastation to towns, families, …Read More

   A few recent sermons about helping those who are hurting 04/15/12 “Who Adopts?” (Beth Guckenberger) 04/08/12 Easter “Stained Glass Savior” (Chad) 04/01/12 “Who Provides?” (Chad Hovind) 03/25/12 “Who Cares?” (Doug Daily) 03/18/12 “Who Remembers?” (Chad Hovind) 03/11/12 “Who Feeds?” (Chad Hovind) 03/04/12 “Who Sees?” (Chad Hovind) …Read More

  Recently I shared a seven part series about God’s call to help the forgotten, poor, and downtrodden. 03/04/12 “Who Sees?” (Chad Hovind)     When you think about all the needs in the world, it’s hard to not get overwhelmed. …Read More

There was a powerful man from the Bible and ancient history named Cyrus. He was a leader. A ruler. A mover and a shaker. He ruled the Empire of Persia around 600 BC . And even he had this longing …Read More