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As we look at the business environment…as we look at parenting our kids…as we look at the daily barrage of possible choices we could make, we realize that we are constantly faced with temptation. We are constantly inundated with opportunities …Read More

At one point or another, we’ll all face the sting of gossip. Someone takes a half truth about us, our family, our career, and twists it and spreads it.  Sometimes the truth is twisted and that ends up being destructive …Read More

Every leader can handle anger constructively by following three steps: 1.  Look Under Your Anger 6 So the LORD said to Cain,”Why are you angry? And why has your countenance fallen? God says to Cain… Look under your anger. Ask …Read More

Over the years, it’s been fun to see some people’s reaction when they find out that I am a pastor. Some of my best friendships have started with folks who started out very skeptical to me and the church. When …Read More

Do you ever notice that we are often so busy working “In it” that we don’t work on it?  We are so busy running our department and keeping our jobs and heads above water, we don’t have or make the …Read More

This morning we are continuing our STRONG journey digging into the life of Jehoshaphat.   Let’s review… We are living during a time called the “Divided Kingdom.” Israel had three main kings when they were one nation:  Saul, then David, and …Read More

In our new series, STRONG CHALLENGE, we are Studying 2 Chronicles in our first service.  We’ll be going through STRONG book, STRONG playing cards, and 2 Chronicles together.   During this series we will be examining spiritual habits and disciplines. …Read More

I was a little discouraged one night a few months ago. I was discouraged that my wife was very stressed about the move, getting the house set up, getting kids to school.   I was feeling unappreciated, feeling like she was …Read More