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As we look at the business environment…as we look at parenting our kids…as we look at the daily barrage of possible choices we could make, we realize that we are constantly faced with temptation. We are constantly inundated with opportunities …Read More

This morning we are continuing our STRONG journey digging into the life of Jehoshaphat.   Let’s review… We are living during a time called the “Divided Kingdom.” Israel had three main kings when they were one nation:  Saul, then David, and …Read More

I was a little discouraged one night a few months ago. I was discouraged that my wife was very stressed about the move, getting the house set up, getting kids to school.   I was feeling unappreciated, feeling like she was …Read More

This morning we are looking at prayer and meditation.  Meditation may conjure up images in your mind of yoga, someone crossing their hands and feet and saying “ohmmm” or Gregorian chants…but none of those are examples of what the Bible …Read More

I. DO I NEED SOME NEW “OUGHT TO” HABITS? Do you  need some new habits?  Are you really free to be who you want to be?  John Ortberg in his book THE LIFE YOU’VE ALWAYS WANTED gives some tests to …Read More

Last Sunday, we began “The Strong Challenge” which is an all city, multi-church journey encouraging all of us to get strong by practicing certain spiritual habits. I have to confess that having a weakling like me do a series called …Read More

God wants to win our hearts and teach us to follow him. Training our conscience to follow his Wisdom rather than our wisdom is a life long process of parenting.    He imparts His virtue into our hearts. He trains …Read More

If a child is to have his heart trained, he needs to know “why” a principle or virtue is true.  A child needs to know why saving, working, and generous giving is critical. A child needs to learn to cherish …Read More

       The movie, Wall Street, made famous the phrase, “Greed is Good” and launched a wave of ambition and selfishness across the United States. But, Jesus tells us to “Beware the many faces of greed.” The New Testament …Read More

The Bible teaches us alot about money and making good financial decisions. One of my favorite theologians is Greg Brady. 🙂 I learned Latin for the first time on the Brady Bunch: “Caveat emptor” meaning “Let the buyer beware”. I …Read More