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TIME’s Swampland reports on an online petition aimed at dissuading John McCain from picking Mitt Romney as his running mate. The effort is reportedly run by a fringe Christian Right group. But God-o-Meter would guess that McCain would improve his […]

As he mulls a run for Congress in Utah, Mitt Romney’s son Josh tells the Deseret Morning News that the Mormon factor mattered in his dad’s primary loss largely because Mike Huckabee made it an issue: Huckabee, a Southern Baptist […]

Echoing Hot Air’s response to God-o-Meter’s op-ed on the Christian Right’s failure to help its favored candidate, Mitt Romney, by candidly discussing his Mormonism, conservative Idaho blogger Adam Graham says: I’ve always looked at a person’s values, not their particular […]

God-o-Meter has an op-ed in USA Today arguing that the Christian Right helped secure the GOP nomination for its archenemy, John McCain, by neglecting to have a public discussion about the Mormonism of its favored candidate, Mitt Romney. Check it […]

God-o-Meter promises to let go of Mitt Romney soon, but please indulge it another post or two. GOM caught up yesterday with Matthew Spalding, a scholar at the conservative Heritage Foundation who did some advising and speechwriting for Romney—not connected […]

After Mitt Romney announced his withdrawal from the race yesterday, God-o-Meter phoned Mark DeMoss, a prominent evangelical PR man and Romney backer who spent most of January traveling with the Romney campaign to various primary states. Like others on the […]

Gary Marx, the conservative coalitions director for Mitt Romney, spearheaded the campaign’s outreach to the conservative Christian community. After Romney withdrew from the race yesterday, God-o-Meter asked Marx how big the so-called Mormon factor was in stopping Romney candidacy: It […]

Was Mitt Romney’s Mormonism a factor in the failure of his candidacy? Definitely. Was it the factor? That’s less clear. For all his fundraising success, organizational superiority, and obvious qualifications, Romney was beset with a number of big hurdles throughout […]

In announcing he’s suspending his candidacy, Mitt Romney sounded every bit the Focus on the Family spokesman that he he’s sounded like throughout his campaign: ….Perhaps the most fundamental of these is the attack on the American culture. Over the […]

A day after denouncing John McCain, Focus on the Family’s James Dobson said today he’d be willing to vote for Mike Huckabee or Mitt Romney. From Focus on the Family Action’s daily CitizenLink email update: Around noon today, Dr. Dobson […]