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Hillary Clinton’s campaign emailed word last night that Clinton’s Kentucky blowout was more evidence of her lock on values voters: There continues to be no emerging trend lines other than the one established at the beginning of the Democratic Primary: …Read More

Hillary Clinton’s victories in Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Indiana gave her campaign a second wind, and largely thanks to Catholic voters. In Ohio, where Catholics made up a third of the electorate, Clinton won them 63-percent to 36-percent over Barack Obama. …Read More

Did you catch the New York Times’ harrowing front pager last week on Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe’s crackdown on Anglican priests and worshippers in advance of an expected runoff election there? Here’s the opening vignette: The parishioners were lined up …Read More

It was just a coincidnece, apparently. Hillary Clinton attended church services in Bowling Green, Kentucky yesterday in advance of the Bluegrass State’s primary this week, and the pastor happened to deliver a lengthy sermon on adultery. CBS News sets the …Read More

Here’s what Hillary Clinton’s faith outreach director just said about Clinton’s victory tonight in Virginia via email: There continues to be no emerging trend lines other than the one established at the beginning of the Democratic Primary: American faith and …Read More

Earlier this year, God-o-Meter reported on the Clinton camp’s unusual campaign to organize United Methodists for its Methodist candidate. Tonight in Indiana, Clinton herself joined the effort, brandishing her Methodist roots during an appearance in Indiana’s most heavily Methodist county. …Read More

Earlier this week, God-o-Meter noted that one of the Democrats’ top faith strategists, Eric Sapp of Common Good strategies, had helped the Clinton campaign arrange a Chelsea Clinton church appearance in North Carolina, prompting GOM to wonder aloud if Common …Read More

When Focus on the Family founder James Dobson came to Capitol Hill last spring for the National Day of Prayer, a prominent Democratic senator made a point of approaching the Republican kingmaker to say hi: Hillary Rodham Clinton. Dobson was …Read More

In Hillary Clinton’s new Indiana ad, she mentions that her “mother taught Sunday school.” Speaking of which, does Obama’s pastor controversy make it much easier for Clinton to showcase her faith from here on out, since Obama threatens to dredge …Read More

The Brody File has tapes from an interview Hillary Clinton did after this month’s Compassion Forum that was broadcast to churches in the week after the event. An excerpt from the transcript: When you stand before God, what might a …Read More