Check out this new election video emphasizing pro-life, anti-gay marriage positions from the conservative Catholic group Fidelis. The New York Times reports that the video, which implies support for the Republican ticket, has been posted by Catholic churches across the country on their web site. For a good example, check out the site of The Cathedral of St. Peter in Joe Biden’s hometown; the site features the video on a special welcome page that appears even before the full homepage does.

God-o-Meter noticed that this video eschews the kind of red meat messages that were prevalent among conservative pro-Bush Catholic groups in 2004. It’s a lot subtler, appealing to the bipartisan sensibility of many Catholics.

There’s a handsome shot of John F. Kennedy, for instance.

There’s another of Martin Luther King, Jr.

And one of a nuclear power plant spewing steam into the air juxtaposed with text that says “No Issue Can Be Ignored,” a nod to the environmental concerns of most Catholics.

As The Times reports, liberal Catholic groups are challenging conservatives to a much greater extent than in ’04. But conservative Catholic groups are clearly gaining better access to Catholic churches than in years past, as illustrated by the video gambit. So progressive Catholic groups may have plenty of catching up to do, tactics-wise.


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