Aw C'Mon God Gimme a Break

This is a story of love, of a pedicure, of recovery from bad stuff and—for me–the power of painting the nails on my big toes…and, oh yes, jellyfish. The lesson here is not that there is joy in them thar ...Read More

“Hallmark channel?!” the professor exclaimed. “Are you kidding me, do you know how poorly constructed those movies are? Have you ever read an analysis of them, deconstructed them to the point of understanding just how poorly they fare as art?” ...Read More

So, I’m on my way to spend some time with my younger daughter, Brittany, and do some father-daughter bonding…over pedicures. Bonding is one of those things that we talk about but, at least in my case, had largely left to ...Read More

Thinking about God while in church—better, of course, than thinking about NFL football, which is what I usually think about on September Sunday afternoons. Or the New York Jets, which some might argue is not really NFL football. Whatever. Back ...Read More