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Those marketing rascals at Lululemon (cited in last weekend’s New York Times as being part of the rampant commercialization of yoga with their $100 yoga pants) have done it again. This time the athletic apparel company is not claiming their clothes are made of …Read More

On my iPod, I have a small playlist called “Meditation.”  It contains various and sundry chants, affirmations, and soothing sounds I’ve collected over the years.  Lately, though, I’ve returned again and again to one particular piece. It’s called “Om with …Read More

Last night, the substitute teacher in my yoga class–usually the class assistant–said that last time she taught us, she was nervous because she had such big shoes to fill.  But this time, she said, she was far less nervous.  “I …Read More

Hee. I just mentioned this in a meeting yesterday, and then, there it was today on the Yoga Dork blog: Irish Yoga! Careful doing that head-on-the-porcelain-god-asana tonight! (If you do end up over-indulging, check out these natural hangover cures.) And …Read More

I love yoga, but for a long time, my hair got in the way of cultivating a full practice. Until I realized the genius of the simple, grown-up pigtail, that is.

The “freedom” people talk about attaining through yoga is now completely literal, with a program in India that lets inmates out a little sooner if they develop a regular yoga practice. As gleaned from Boing Boing, every three months of yoga …Read More

Just this morning as I was lying in savasana at the end of yoga class (the chill-out corpse pose that allows you to integrate the active poses), I kept catching myself thinking about coffee and work and a friend’s email. And …Read More

I usually make an annual birthday pilgrimage to the Museum of Modern Art to check out the Waterlillies, parts of the Monet series that adorn freshman dorms and dentists’ offices everywhere. I sit and gaze meditatively on the unfreakingbelievably gorgeous pinks and blues and …Read More

It looks like you can add one more health benefit to yoga’s long list. This one is about reducing inflammation, a firey condition that arises from stress and other factors and makes us vulnerable to diseases like cancer, diabetes, arthritis, Alzheimer’s. and many …Read More

If you find a bit of an edge creeping in to your holiday buzz, check out these calming exercises from Candace Morano, a New York City-based yoga instructor. No need to do them all at once, try one or two at …Read More