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One of the rites of spring is to sleep lighter…in the sheet department, that is.  What do you turn to when it’s time to put away the flannel and the down?  I am drawn in by this gorgeous organic cotton …Read More

Baby, it’s cold outside, and  in the mornings when it’s time to select my outfit du jour,  two words ping around my head as I open the closet door: “cozy” and “comforting.” So on this chilly Hump Day, I have …Read More

I’ve been trying to figure out how best to communicate to you my feelings about Beyond Blue, the new book just published by our blog sister Therese Borchard. Other than just jumping up and down shouting “Buy it! Buy it now!” of course.

It’s Foodie Friday, and with the weather all crisp and cool, my mind is my favorite daily drink–tea.  Not the leaves themselves, though, but the vessel in which we boil the water to make this healing, warming beverage.  What is …Read More

Today is a rainy, bleak-weather day.  I’m tired after a long week.  I have things on my mind.  This is where comfort clothing comes in.  You know what I mean – that garment that you reach for when you need …Read More

It’s spring, so send those winter red lips packing with these lip treats.You won’t find any parabens, petro-chemicals, phtalates, sulfates, synthetic anything on these ingredient lists.  So pucker up, love is in the air. Tarte’s 24.7 Lip Sheer: Whether you …Read More

Everyone likes a bargain, right? And in these economic times, saving money — even a little — is a satisfying pastime. I was never an avid coupon clipper mostly because the coupons that come in the newspaper are for products …Read More

Check out these yummy “Green Saver” discount coupons from SustainLane! I immediately covet the beautiful colored pencils made from recycled newspapers (from O’BON), plus I’m loving the Green & Clean starter kits for environmentally-friendly kitchen, bath, and laundry cleaning products …Read More

There are environmental, economic, and logistical things to consider when deciding how much of a locavore to be.  But is buying local spiritual? Our Beliefnet blog brother Gus diZerega has a fascinating post over on A Pagan’s Blog about this …Read More

Check out this luscious flower-y scarf – and download the pattern free!  A very thoughtful colleague just sent me word that Barnes & Noble’s how-to website is having a February special offer: free knitting and crochet patterns.  I’m in …Read More