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What is the best way to successfully and quickly calm down after an argument or confrontation? After I didn’t do such a good job, I sat down to figure out why.

Folks, today is my birthday.  Yippie! This morning, when I woke up and logged onto my email, I saw 33 new messages, all “happy birthday” notes on my Facebook wall.  I know this is not an uncommon experience – it’s …Read More

Last night’s guest on The Daily Show was comedian Jeff Garlin, there to talk about “My Footprint,” the humorous book about food addiction Garlin was inspired to write after he starred as an obese ship captain in the brilliant Pixar film “Wall-E.”

My beloved has been snuffling, coughing, sneezing, and aching for three days now. Poor guy. But I’ll admit it–right up there with “Can I bring you some soup, Sweetie?” in my mind is, “Don’t you dare get me sick.”

A collection of Veteran’s Day quotes for all our stable, courageous veterans, and for those who still serve. A thousand times and a thousand more – thank you.

Friday was my 10th wedding anniversary.  So many memories, such a journey, so much more, we pray, to come.  To celebrate, I want to share some words from a StoryPeople print my mom gave us in our first year of …Read More

Summer is a time for romance, and it’s also the perfect time for fun, breezy love quizzes!  I’m proud to announce that we’ve just spiffed up our collection of relationship, dating, love, marriage, and commitment quizzes for your self-testing pleasure. …Read More

Our occasional “Brain Break Inspiring Wedding Video” series continues today with a vid that has me writing this through the happiest of tears.  My colleague Dena (go visit her on our sister blog Idol Chatter for all things awesomely pop-culture-y) …Read More

There’s a funny news story floating around about the upcoming nuptials of Kelly Hildebrandt and Kelly Hildebrandt. The two 20-somethings met on Facebook and are now getting hitched after eight months of dating. It got me thinking about the name …Read More

Throwing a surprise wedding reception for a random couple who just got married at City Hall might qualify as one of the best, most inspiring random acts of kindness ever.  The video below chronicles just such an event, hosted by …Read More