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I just stumbled upon this fantastic download from one of my new favorite blogs, Kind Over Matter.  It’s an easy, yummy way to make someone’s day.  Just print it out, get some Tootsie (or other lolly) pops, slip them through, …Read More

I just spent 15 minutes standing perfectly still in the middle of my backyard. I had gone outside to push past the mid-day doldrums, breathe some fresh air, and inspect my two teeming raised-beds that are lush with lettuce, radishes, …Read More

Folks, today is my birthday.  Yippie! This morning, when I woke up and logged onto my email, I saw 33 new messages, all “happy birthday” notes on my Facebook wall.  I know this is not an uncommon experience – it’s …Read More

It’s been almost a year since we moved into our new (well…”new”) house, and I’m happy to say there are only a few things about it that still are unfinished.  There’s nothing hanging over our fireplace, for example.  And in …Read More

Is “Braveheart” a love story?  I was grabbed by that question in this terrific gallery my colleague published on Beliefnet’s Entertainment channel.  I would have never thought so–probably because I was so scarred by the violent last half hour of …Read More

Therese Borchard often says “don’t wait for the storm to be over…learn to dance in the rain.” As it’s still raining here in Boston, I’m heeding her advice, starting with this fun quiz to test our knowledge of songs about rain.

Courtesy of our sister blogger Janice Taylor, this fun video packs a bunch of pick-me-ups into less than one minute!  Watch, and feel the energy flood through your veins…. If the video isn’t enough, wait…there’s more!  Click here for Janice’s …Read More

Whenever anyone gets married in a Jane Austen novel, well-wishers say, “I wish you very happy.”  What a lovely morning thought.  Today, let’s wish not for “happiness” as a thing, but for “happy” as a state of being.  Need more …Read More

Last week I put out the call for your favorite comfort words, and you answered!  So I took all the comforting loot over to Wordle and created what I think is a lovely word cloud suitable for bookmarking, printing out …Read More

Baby, it’s cold outside, and  in the mornings when it’s time to select my outfit du jour,  two words ping around my head as I open the closet door: “cozy” and “comforting.” So on this chilly Hump Day, I have …Read More