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I feel like I have more than usual on my mind these days–mostly questions, hypotheticals, and the most toxic of all, “what-ifs” swirling around my brain. Last night as I was falling asleep, I had one of those thought/dreams that …Read More

I just stumbled upon this fantastic download from one of my new favorite blogs, Kind Over Matter.  It’s an easy, yummy way to make someone’s day.  Just print it out, get some Tootsie (or other lolly) pops, slip them through, …Read More

I love it that Valerie’s Fresh Morning post this morning was a Mary Oliver poem, because I’ve been rolling one of those around my brain almost constantly this past week.  Blog sistah, you and I are on the same wavelength! …Read More

Do you get enough “me” time?  Start your morning with this quiz to see if you’re running yourself ragged and forgetting to take care of yourself in the process.  Friday morning is the perfect time for the quiz, because if …Read More

Today, Fresh Living gets schooled with a thought-provoking guest post from our intrepid and talented intern, Tufts University student Marysa Sheren.  Marysa is walking a path I know I wasn’t mature enough to attempt at her age–she’s learning to shape …Read More

An interview with Ruby Gettinger from The Style Network program “Ruby” revealed inspiring truths about how the 12 step program can help with food addiction and weight loss.

Last week I put out the call for your favorite comfort words, and you answered!  So I took all the comforting loot over to Wordle and created what I think is a lovely word cloud suitable for bookmarking, printing out …Read More

Let’s build a list of comforting words to compile into a soothing Wordle for when times get tough.

I’m in love with this line from Heidi Swanson’s delicious 101 Cookbooks blog post about her creative process: “I’ve come to believe you can’t really rush inspiration, it comes on its own schedule, emerging and intersecting my life when it …Read More

It still feels like a miracle. One year after Captain Sullenberger famously brought Flight 1549 to an emergency water landing on the Hudson River, the fact that every single passenger, crew member, and first responder lived to tell the tale …Read More